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Do you stand over your ball on the tee and just pray that it goes in the right general direction? Golf is tough, even for tour professionals. But if you've been playing with clubs that aren't designed for your game, you're only making it harder. The expert fitters and professionals at The Golf Ranch can equip you with the right tools to take your game to the next level. Visit our local golf shop in Georgetown, TX today.

For over a decade, we've been transforming golf games all throughout the Austin, TX area. We left the other big-box stores to start our own business, because we knew we could provide better customer service and real results. Call your custom golf shop today at 512-863-4573 to ask about our services.

Why are we a different kind of golf shop?

We opened The Golf Ranch with the mission of taking everything we've learned in decades of golf industry experience and combining it into one total package. Visit our golf shop to see major benefits from:

  • State-of-the-art launch monitors and fitting equipment
  • Fully stocked men's, women's and kid's golf apparel
  • Fast and reliable repairs
  • Custom wedge and putter refinishing and stamping
  • Friendly, honest and inviting customer service that places your needs first
  • Extremely knowledgeable staff
  • Personalized lessons from a teaching professional


At The Golf Ranch, we simply do it better. Our locally-owned custom golf shop is fully committed to helping your game. Come see the difference for yourself in Georgetown, TX.


Trust our dedicated golf professionals

You wouldn't wear shoes that don't fit, so why are you using golf clubs designed for someone else? A custom golf fitting from The Golf Ranch will find the right equipment for your specific golf swing and body type. We examine every element to optimize your game, including:

Body dimensions

Impact location

Swing speed

Swing tempo

Lie angle

Shaft flex, weight and bend profile

Club head design

Grip size

Swing weight

With so many different factors, you should never pick a club off the rack without having it fit to your game. We've been named a Top 100 Club Fitter in America for several years running, and we're proud of the success stories we hear from our customers each and every day. Call us today to schedule a custom golf club service in Georgetown, TX.

For every $50 that you spend at The Golf Ranch, you will be able to enter our monthly drawing. Prizes each month range in value from $800 - $1000

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