Can’t Take It To The Course

                                           Can’t Take It To The Course 


When you are trying to improve your swing, both mechanics and feel are important and deserve your attention.  The trick is knowing when it’s time to work on each. 

If you are going to work on the mechanics, you should do it on the range and with your instructor.  This type of practice usually involves breaking the swing down into small movements.  With your instructor, you will be working on a number of swing changes.  What you do not want to do is try to play on the course while having all these thoughts on your mind during your swing. 

First:  Work on your mechanics with your instructor to fix the specific problems you are having at the Teaching Facility. 

Second:  Take what you are now working on to the practice range.  This is where you want to fine tune the things you are learning from your instructor. 

Third:  It is very important that when you take your game out to the course, you need to concentrate on hitting your target.  This should now be your primary concern.  Forget about mechanics.  You should now be familiar with the feel of your new swing.  The skills you have learned and practiced should now become automatic on the course. 


  1. Learn from your instructor 

  1. Take what your learn to the range 

  1. Play on the course and enjoy the game without all of these thoughts going through your mind.