Own a Club Like No One Else's

Get a wedge or putter refinishing service in Georgetown, TX

Golf is one of the few sports where the equipment you use is both a functional tool and a work of art. We love our clubs. We clean them, tweak them and obsess over them constantly. At The Golf Ranch, we offer our custom shop services for the player who wants to own a club that is entirely unique. Call us today for putter refinishing, wedge refinishing, custom stamping and more in Georgetown, TX.

We offer a two-week turnaround on our custom shop services. Whether you want to make your old clubs look new again or add your own personal touches, The Golf Ranch is your go-to shop for customization and refinishing in Georgetown, TX. Call 512-863-4573 today to see what's possible.

What type of work can our custom shop do for you?

Our trained professionals can complete custom work for nearly half the price of other competitors in the industry. We specialize in:

  • Putter refinishing-transform your old Scotty or Anser with a shiny new finish you can take right out on the course.
  • Wedge refinishing-it's a myth that rust will increase spin on your wedge shots. Restore the grooves and the finish on your old wedges.
  • Custom paint fills-add a splash of color to your clubs that will make everyone else in your foursome jealous.
  • Wedge stamping-create a geometric pattern, write a message or simply initial your clubs for easy identification.

Does your golf game have enough tour sauce? Give your bag some much-needed swagger with custom work from The Golf Ranch in Georgetown, TX.