Distance Tips

If you are having trouble with getting any distance in your golf shots, here are a few things you can check on.

  1. Shaft: Make sure your shafts fit your clubhead speed and are not too stiff or too heavy.
  2. Grips: Make sure your grips are the correct size so you can release the club properly through the impact zone.  Many people may need a grip that is thicker due to arthritis or other problems with their hands.  Just make sure you are not getting a grip that is so big that you actually lose control on the backswing.
  3. Grip Pressure:  This is one problem a lot of people do not understand.  You must maintain enough pressure on the grip to keep it under control.  But you do not want to squeeze the grip so hard that you cause tension throughout your body.  Remember, if your hands and wrists get sore after you play, then you are holding the club too tight.
  4. Club head:  Make sure you have enough loft on the club head.  Match the club head loft and the correct shaft weight and flex in order to find yourself playing to the best of your ability.