Proper Fitting

June Golf Tip 

CORRECT FITTING!  Your equipment must fit you and your game. 

Juniors may inherit adult clubs which may be too long and heavy, with incorrect grip size, shaft flex, and lie angle - thus, making their game difficult and frustrating. 

Ladies often experience the same issue by using their partner’s clubs, thinking that if they don’t enjoy the game, they aren’t out any money – thus, making their game difficult and frustrating. 

Ladies and juniors may need clubs for smaller players with shafts designed for lower swing speeds and higher trajectory - getting  the ball higher and  further. Now that’s fun! 

Many men are hitting with “off-the-shelf “clubs, assuming they are standard.  Standard size typically refers to someone who is 5’ 9” to 5’ 11.” However, club length is not about your height, but the distance from your hands to the floor. 

Height and swing style are factors that affect the lie angle of the club – the way the club head lies on the ground.  Your goal is to have the sole of the club lay flat on the ground at contact.  If incorrect, you will hit off the heel or the toe causing an incorrect ball flight. We all have different size hands so make sure that your grip size is correct and you will be able to hold the club properly. 

Lastly, getting fit for the correct shaft flex will ensure maximum performance.  If you are playing with a shaft that is too soft, the result will be a trajectory that is high and right and difficult to control.  If you are playing with a shaft that is too stiff, it will result in a lower trajectory and, ultimately, less distance. 

Take the time to get properly fitted.  If you don’t, you will inevitably make adjustments to your swing to compensate.  These adjustments that are made to compensate for an ill-fitting set can make achieving a great swing that much more difficult.  With the proper fitting, you’ll be able to find  the game of golf  more fun and rewarding!!