Three Check Points to a Better Swing

Right Elbow:  The right elbow stays down and reasonably close to the right side throughout the swing.  The right-elbow fold in the backswing is especially critical to this, but both elbows are factors.  Remember – right elbow down on the backswing and left elbow down at the finish of your follow-through. 

Left Arm:  Basically, the left arm creates the plane by swinging in a horizontal mode across your chest.  In conjunction with the hip rotation (which will be described below) your hands will remain in front of your body for the entire swing. 

Hips:  The hips rotate to the right in the backswing.  There is absolutely no lateral slide of the body!  At the finish of the backswing, your right hip should be over your right foot.  In the downswing, the hips repeat that rotation in the opposite direction.  Think of your hips turning on a swivel, on a single level with no lateral slides and especially no dips and rises.